Club Store Packaging, Displays, and Shipper Trays

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How to make club store packaging more effective to “Stand Up” in the retail environment.

How hot are club stores? Red hot. The annual sales of Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club surpassed 150 billion in 2012 and continue to grow. The sales growth for Costco increased 8% in the 12-week quarterly period ending February 17, 2013. In fact, new research from Deloitte reveals that retail club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s will be the fastest-growing retail channel over the next few years for consumer product companies. Here is a post from Marketing Daily which discusses the survey. Click to read this article on the website.

Costco How to make club store packaging, displays and shipper trays more effective in the retail environment.

Many consumer product-marketing groups are sophisticated in packaging their own brands, especially when it comes to food and drug products; however, because they fail to make proper use of the shippers and display trays, they often miss opportunities to create brand appeal and presence in a club store environment. Designing club store packaging for apparel and accessories is a challenge for product managers because, with the exception of underwear and hosiery, these products are not usually packaged in traditional retail channels. Club stores look for quality products that stack safely and sell quickly, and they want the packaging to help sell the products. The club store environment is expansive, and the aisles can be wide. If the packaging doesn’t stand out, it can easily get lost in this environment.

What does a club store look for in packaging design?

How do you create effective club store packaging, displays, and shipper trays?

What other techniques can be used to make the product package stand out?

Sokol Packaging Group has extensive experience in designing club store packaging and shipper trays, especially for intimate apparel. We have developed club store packaging for major brands like Maidenform, Vanity Fair, Nicole Miller, and DKNY. As a manufacturer, we understand the challenges of producing club store packaging. So, we’ve developed a guide with helpful tips:


Please add any questions, experiences or tips you have about designing and printing club store packaging.

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Sourcing a Printing and Packaging Manufacturing Facility in China

Posted by Steven Sokol on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 10:02 AM

What questions should you ask when sourcing a printing and packaging manufacturing facility in China?

Have you ever sourced a printing and packaging facility in China? It can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider when your printing is done half way around the world. If you have had good or bad experiences, we would love you to share some of your biggest challenges, observations and solutions below.

What is the customer service like?

Are they US based?

Did they offer solutions to your problems?

What is the quality level?

Based on our experiences, we’ve assembled a complete checklist of key questions and observations like these to help you in the sourcing of a consumer products printing and packaging resource in China. Included in the eBook are some helpful tips for choosing a supplier and developing a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. We also discuss the GMI certification process.

What is a GMI certified Printer?

Many leading retailers require printing companies to have certifications in both printing capabilities and strict processes in place to ensure and maintain a high level of excellence. When sourcing packaging printing for retailers like Target and JC Penney in China, it is important to source a certified packaging printer. For this reason, we are proud that Graphic Measures International (GMI) has awarded full certification to Sokol Packaging Group’s factory in China. We are very pleased to be both a GMI certified packaging supplier of JC Penney and Target. 

US based China printing and packaging resource and certified supplier of Target and JC PenneyUS based China printing and packaging resource and certified supplier of Target and JC Penney

To find out more about the tips for choosing a printing and packaging manufacturing resource in China and the features and benefits of Graphic Measures International (GMI) certification program download the following eBook.


What are any of the challenges or issues you faced when sourcing a packaging or printing manufacturer in China?

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