Four Breakout Packaging Design Trends for 2015

Posted by Steven Sokol on Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 02:59 PM

2015 promises to be another exciting year for packaging design, and already we're seeing several new trends on the rise. The following is a list and visuals of our personal favorites.

1) Authentic

In order to attract a loyal customer base, brands need to connect with consumers on a personal level. Sometimes this means shedding a corporate image for a more welcoming style. While vintage elements offer a sense of authenticity and even nostalgia, the use of handwriting and hand-drawn labels can make a brand more approachable. We're seeing an increasing amount of illustrations more common to the fine arts than to the traditional marketplace, a bold stratagem that puts a brand's individuality front and center.

Authentic Packaging
 Image Credits: Hesten Agency  |   Morrisons Supermarket  |   Liz Bryson 

2) High Quality, Low Impact

Gaudy, overly designed packaging with all the bells and whistles does not impress today’s eco-conscious consumers. As with their products, they want their packaging to produce a smaller footprint. That said, they still appreciate high quality design and materials. There are many brands that are providing elegant, upscale packaging while doing everything in their power to reduce waste. Recyclable materials such as kraft paper are being used creatively to achieve a handcrafted feel that stays true to the environment without skimping on style.
High quality, low impact packaging sustainable handcrafted feel from Pesign Design, Fuse Project and Pact, Project Packaging and Are You Peckish  Image Credits: Pesign Design  |  Fuse Project Pact  |  Project Packaging Are You Peckish


Our underwear packaging we produced in India for Pact is great example of this trend.

Sokol Packaging

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3) Minimalist

Also popular with brands this year is the minimalist approach. This stripped-down style involves the use of geometric shapes and patterns, color blocking, and easy-to-read fonts. It's a contemporary aesthetic, both bold and appealing to the eye. It favors straight lines and stark black and white. Open space is celebrated, with product names left to stand alone amid uncluttered backgrounds. The minimalist approach gives often overlooked items a way to stand apart from competing products with more traditional packaging. 

Minimalist Packaging 
Image Credits: Yuka Takahashi  |  Silje Fordes  |  Character SF

We were very proud to produce some amazing small leather goods packaging for Coach that reflected this trend. The wallet packages featured a fun bold graphic with a paper that has a beautiful refined leather look and feel.

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4) Multifunctional 

It turns out packaging can do a lot more than briefly house a product while it sits on a shelf. Many brands are rethinking their packaging designs in order to give their products added value. This means looking at packaging in a whole new light, with an eye on form and function, and then creating a design concept based on the performance of a product-related task. Besides getting more “bang for your buck,” consumers respect ingenuity, which translates into customer loyalty. Multifunctional packaging comes in many forms. It can be resealable, recyclable, and even ergonomic. 

Multifunctional packaging from Trafiq and Aquilequa Wine Packaging
Image Credits: Trafiq  |   Aquilequa Wine Packaging

First impressions are everything. This is especially true for your packaging. In this day and age, it is very challenging to capture a shopper’s attention, communicate features and benefits, and at the same time reinforce your brand image. Due to this, we realize the importance and key role that packaging plays in product presentation and brand image.

We have created this eBook as a design resource and reference. We hope it’s helpful.



What design trends have you seen in the market?

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Gift Set, Luxury, Beauty and Apparel Packaging Trends for Retailers

Posted by Steven Sokol on Mon, Sep 16, 2013 @ 01:29 PM

Luxury Packaging and Gift Box Trends at Luxe Pack – New York

Innovative packaging draws consumer interest, communicates the products' message, adds value and should be memorable. New ideas and materials we see in the market often inspire us. Inspiration is also often found at retail, in fashion circles and in other design resources one of which we will discuss here.

Below are some highlights from the 2013 edition of Luxe Pack, New York. This luxury packaging trade show celebrates the very best of creative packaging solutions in the cosmetic, fragrance, personal care, food and accessory sectors.


In terms of packaging, texture proves to be a key component in material choice. Liquid looks, mineral effects and subtle quilted surface textures juxtaposition with bold minimalist color palettes for a refreshing aesthetic that is inviting to the touch.

Storage Boxes 

Storage boxes that were showcased evoked a sense of play finished with embellished panels, trompe l'oeil designs and contrasting vibrant color ways with hidden compartments creating a heightened sense of discovery.

Storage Boxes

Gift Boxes 

Popular trends for boxes and bags include origami, digitalized prints, metallic-plated accents, rich bronze or gold tones along with subtly textured paper and cardboard.

Gift Boxes


We saw pouches as an important packaging design to explore for certain solutions. Some of the designs featured made use of duel sections, vibrant eye-catching color combinations, forms with interesting shapes and resealable closures.


Other Highlights 

An additional trend was packaging that brought an interactive component to customers, allowing direct interaction with products.

Other highlights include playful, child-like designs in folded cardboard, comic prints, graphics and bold color stories.

Other Highlights

If you have seen any gift packaging or ideas that have inspired you, we can help bring your vision to reality. We were very happy to see that some of our latest projects were right on trend. We invite you to check out our samples in the solutions area of our website. We would love to hear what you think. 

What interesting or inspirational packaging or trends have you seen in the marketplace?

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